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June 2014 - Solana in the Toronto concert premiere of When the Sun Comes Out:

“If you have not heard Teiya Kasahara sing, you are missing out. I mean this. Go now. Don’t wait. Run, don’t walk. An alumna of the COC Ensemble Studio, Teiya uses her unique voice (I’m remiss to use that word because it really doesn’t describe its rarity) to bring us a Solana that’s textured, layered, and passionate. Within the first 3 minutes of the opera during which Kasahara gives a clinic on what I would like to call Dramatic Coloratura. There was Verdi in her voice just as there was Monteverdi. She carries this show easily and never fails to thrill.” -- Gregory Finney of SCHMOPERA, June 2014

“The performances are first class.  Highlights for me included Teiya’s impassioned rendering of her initial prologue like aria.  It’s a long, loud, tough sing and she brought it off without any sign of strain or fatigue. There were also some gorgeous duets between the two women.  Teiya’s harder, more dramatic, sound blending beautifully with Stephanie’s lusher, more lyrical, voice....There’s so much talent in this city!” -- John Gilks of OPERA RAMBLINGS, June 2014

June 2014 - Hope in the Toronto premiere of Shelter by Tapestry Opera (Toronto):

“There’s some nice comedy in the early scenes, but the show comes to emotional life with the appearance of Kasahara, a bouncing baby who quickly morphs into a spiky-haired rock star. The tenderness between Hope and Lise, captured movingly by the two actors, is one of the show’s strengths. There’s also a powerful connection between the pilot and the increasingly prescient Hope, who develops a sense of her destiny despite the worries of her protective parents and tutor; Kasahara and Klassen’s work enriches the bond between the fated couple.” -- Jon Kaplan of NOW TORONTO, June 2014

August 2013 - Solana in the world premiere of When the Sun Comes Out by the Queer Arts Festival (Vancouver):

“Kasahara, a magnetic performer who fully and fearlessly inhabits the role of her strong character, reveals she’s usually a love-them-and-leave-them type: ‘I cannot be owned.’ Kasahara’s soprano is a dynamic mix of sweetness undercut by strength.” -- Janet Smith of Opera Canada, Fall 2013 Volume LIV

“Teiya Kasahara has an amazing top register. Her high notes dazzle and her stage presence is dark and forceful. Solana’s long opening aria is a character study in which she radiates steely determination like a shark. Alienated and predatory, she promises to be a most interesting character.” -- Elizabeth Paterson of REVIEW VANCOUVER, August 2013

“Teiya Kasahara, the Solana, is a strikingly handsome performer with a sizeable, velvety soprano, easy and even from top to bottom, and she makes elegant, expressive use of a good trill. She has sung the Queen of the Night and Olympia, but there is nothing of the canary here: Hers is a full, womanly sound, and her diction is clear.” -- John Yohalem of PARTERRE.COM, August 2013

May/June 2013 - Cherubino in Figaro’s Wedding by Against the Grain Theatre (Toronto):

“... but who really caught my attention was Kasahara’s rock and roll portrayal of Cherubino, a departure from the original character of a young male to a young lesbian female. Her deference, her spontaneity and delightful teenage naivete defied by the maturity and power of Kasahara’s voice had me floored.” -- Samantha Wu of MOONEY ON THEATRE, June 2013

“The comedy and drama are non-stop. Teardrops and laughs are big. “I wrote you a song,” Cherubino blurts out to Rosina and promptly proceeds to break our hearts with an unexpected cry of love and longing sung to the strains of “Voi che sapete”. Teiya Kasahara as Cherubino is as brash and outrageous as she is vulnerable. Performance and characterization are nuanced and energetic, her singing clear, pure and straight from the heart.” -- OPERA GOING TORONTO, May 2013

“And as I mentioned, we’re watching something very original in the portrayal of Cherubino, invented brilliantly by Teiya Kasahara. In this production there’s a special edge to the usual questions we ask, pondering whether Rosina reciprocates Cherubino’s advances, and to Alberto’s jealousy. That’s because of the solidity of Kasahara, DiMaria & Dobson.” -- Leslie Barcza of BARCZA BLOG, May 2013

“Teiya Kasahara’s portrayal of Cherubino and her aria dedicated to Rosina was tremendous for its tenderness, delivery, and joy to observe. .” -- Shannon Christy of THE CHARLEBOIS POST - CANADA, May 2013

MarCH 2013 - Queen of the Night in The Magic Flute by Vancouver Opera:

“Before long, the Queen of the Night (Teiya Kasahara) herself appeared, serene and sensual, softened behind the silk screen, on the raised platform above the stage, and framed in a full moon aglow. Ms. Kasahara handles the impossibly high variations of her coloratura soprano parts with impeccable professional finesse, making the arduous seem effortless”. -- Roger Wayne Eberle of REVIEW VANCOUVER, March 2013

“Teiya Kasahara performs stunningly as The Queen of the Night, dressed as a blue butterfly, her wings spanning to catch all the high notes during her moments on stage. This is her Vancouver debut and from Saturday’s performance, I doubt it will be the last we hear of her.” -- VANCOUVER SCAPE, March 2013

“Notable standouts include soprano Teiya Kasahara, whose vocal prowess as the Queen of the Night was equally as stunning as her gorgeous blue butterfly-winged gown (her Queen of the Night aria does not disappoint!)” -- Jay Catterson of THE CHARLEBOIS POST, March 2013

Jan/Feb 2013 - Olympia in Les contes d’Hoffmann by Edmonton Opera:

“...while the amazing soprano Teiya Kasahara (top picture, right) is the comic highlight of the night as the “automaton” Olympia, making fun of operatic conventions while singing the hell out of them at the same time.” -- Mike Ross of GIGCITY.CA, January 2013

August 2012 - Queen of the Night in The Magic Flute by Highlands Opera Studio (Haliburton, Ontario):

“Teiya Kasahara was physically striking as The Queen of The Night, resplendent in her shimmering costume, long steely nails and a silver bald cap. Vocally, she packed a punch and her fiery coloratura dominated the stage.” -- Dawn Martens of OPERA CANADA, Jan/Feb 2013